About Us

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“SprinklingSmiles” is a small initiative started by Sudhir Agarwal and Swati Mistry, Mumbai based socialist to provide food to the community helpers who are working on the ground which includes but not limited to Cops, Municipal Workers (safai karmacharis), Construction labourers, Security personals.

In addition to this they also plan to provide grocery supply to daily wagers, immigrants workers and Senior Citizens to avoid them coming on street because of food shortage

Why this Initiative: To make sure all hard earned money contributed by Donors is used for the benefit of the Needy.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing crisis in India, Swati Mistry, who works as Operations Manager in OCS Group India Pvt Ltd, an International Facilities management company’s Mumbai office, realized that because of the national lockdown, millions of people were severely impacted. She realized that though donations from large organizations were going to support the hospitals and shantytown dwellers, there still was a grave need to help personnel like the sanitation workers,  police, airport staff who are working tirelessly day and night to maintain hygiene safety and security in the city.

It was a casual conversation with her friend, Sudhir Agarwal in Atlanta that got him all geared up to lend his support to her initiative in whatever manner he could. They talked about delivering cooked nutritious packed food to these personnel who were working outdoors so they would have one less thing to worry about.

With the lock-down in effect and citizenry not being allowed unnecessarily, Swati sought the support of her manager, Bikram Bhadauria and both reached out to the ACP of Mumbai, who supported the initiative and agreed to provide curfew passes and permission for food distribution.

Swati’s friend Kaushik Upadhaya and Ramesh Vaghela played a pivotal role as he ran a restaurant and agreed to supply lunch packs at deeply discounted rate. The food for the community heroes was to be prepared in a properly sanitized kitchen by cooks who were following all the safety protocols under the guidance of Ex Hotelier Sukumar Shetty at Anjali services. The initiative was taking shape.

When Mr. Manoj Parekh, MD, OCS Group India learnt of the initiative he enthusiastically provided logistics support with vehicles and manpower to help in the distribution of food packets. Another friend, Ajay Rewale also joined Swati  to help with operations and logistics.