Here is the list of Donors who have contributed to the Cause

NameLocationAmountSmiles CalculatorInitiative
Mrs.S AgarwalIndiaRs. 90,30011831 SmilesFood Packets & Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Om AroraAtlanta $100019371Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Ram Shanbagh Atlanta Rs 55,0002000 Smiles 1000 Food Packets
Mr.H Iyer Texas Rs 50,00013500 Food ration for daily wagers
Mr.P BerawalaIndiaRs 25,0006750Food ration for daily wagers
Mr.A ParasharIndiaRs 25,0005400Food ration for daily wagers
Mr.Tarang JoshiIndia Rs 15,0004050Food ration for daily wagers
Mr.Amit AAtlanta$2001890Food ration for immigrants
Mr.HemantAtlanta$2003780Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Allwin DUKRs. 10,0922180Food ration for immigrants
Ms. Labuben Vaghela India Rs 10,000 2700Support for senior citizens 
Mr.Ritesh Mistry USARs 10,000 2700Support for senior citizens
Mr.Ashutosh Bhatt  India Rs 10,0002700Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Amit Atlanta$1001890Food ration for immigrants
Mr.S K NagarAtlanta$50945Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Nikhil JhaIndiaRs 20,000 4320Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Ram ShanbaghAtlantaRs 30,000 2400
For protective mask
Mr.Arvind MahadevanIndiaRs 30,000 2400For protective mask
Mr.Raja Gopal VenkatIndiaRs 1,000 216Support for senior citizens
Mr.Tarang JoshiIndiaRs 10,000 800For PPE mask and santizer
Mr.Farooq ShaikhIndiaRs 1770382Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Raja Gopal VenkatIndiaRs 4,000 864Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Nitin AgarwalIndiaRs 10,000 2160Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Amar KediaIndiaRs 15,000 1200For PPE mask and santizer
Ms.Nishi Sehgal IndiaRs 1,000 648Food ration for immigrants
Ms.Bina Ben IndiaRs 1,000 216Support for senior citizens
Mr.MuzumdarIndiaRs 5,000 1080Support for senior citizens
Mr. Ankur AroraIndiaRs 25,000 5400Food ration for immigrants
Ms. IyerIndiaRs 2,500540Support for senior citizens
Mr.P BerawalaIndiaRs 25,0002000For PPE mask and santizer
Ms.Lavina Ganshani Atlanta$1001000For PPE mask
Mr.Sunil and Mrs.Shashi MathurAtlanta24 bed sheets144024 bed sheets
Mr Ritesh MistryIndiaRs 10,0002160Food ration for immigrants
Mr. Vikas MantriIndiaRs 45,0009720Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Dheeraj GunturAtlanta$5050For PPE mask Atlanta
Mr.Deepak VoraIndiaRs 2,5002700
Immigrant Snack Pack
Ms.Tejal ParikhIndiaRs 1,0001080Immigrant Snack Pack
Mr.Anurag MohtaIndiaRs 10,0002160Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Munish GoyalIndiaRs 5,0001080Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Vikas GoelIndiaRs 5,0001080Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Yogeshwar NarayanIndiaRs 5,0001080Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Devi Rajgopal MenonIndiaRs 2,000432Food ration for immigrants
Ms.Purnima WadiaIndiaRs 5,0001080Immigrant Snack Pack
Mr.Ravindra VashistIndiaRs 10,0002160Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Tejas MahajanIndiaRs 2,000432Food ration for immigrants
Mr.B V VishwanathanIndiaRs 10,0002160Food ration for immigrants
Ms.AIHMIndiaRs 20,0004320Food ration for immigrants
Ms Lalitha IyerIndiaRs 2,500540Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Harish IyerIndiaRs 50,00010800Food ration for immigrants
Mr.Roshan ChutkeyIndiaRs 10,0002160Food ration for immigrants
Ms.Purnima WadiaIndiaRs 2,500540Food ration for remote areas
Mr Ritesh MistryIndiaRs 5,0001080Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Pramodini GhanekarIndiaRs 2,000432Food ration for remote areas
Mr.AgarwalIndiaRs 40,0008640Food ration for remote areas
Mr.Om AroraUSA$ 4006307Food ration for remote areas
Mr.Rajan VedakUSA$ 1001577Food ration for remote areas
Mr.Sasha GuptaUSA$ 1001577Food ration for remote areas
Mr.Arvind ShuklaUSA$ 2013169Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Amrita MisraUSA$ 1001577Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Rupali singerUSA$ 751183Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Rupali V MahajanUSA$ 25394Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Lavina GanshaniUSA$ 2003154Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Veena PaliwalUSA$ 30473Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Surabhi SharmaUSA$ 25394Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Anu NirulaUSA$ 31489Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Panna MistryIndiaRs 3,500756Food ration for remote areas
Ms.Ranjan MistryIndiaRs 3,500756Food ration for remote areas
Mr.Gajendra MuthuIndiaRs 10,0002160Food ration for remote areas
Mr.Pravin BharatiyaIndiaRs 20,0004320Food ration for remote areas
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