The city of Atlanta held its ninth annual IDY (International Yoga Day) event in Johns Creek on June 11th, with dignitaries such as Georgia Rep. Rich McCormick, Alabama Rep. Jeremy Gray, and Johns Creek Chief of Police Mark Mitchell among the many in attendance. The event constituted a major success for both the practice of yoga and Indian culture as a whole, with participants of all ages, races, and backgrounds joining together to celebrate peace and harmony through the power of mind, body, and soul. This was echoed by all attendees alike, including our very own Chief Mitchell.

“It doesn’t matter what your demographic, your economic status…the color of your skin is, the experience of yoga is beneficial for everyone,” Mitchell explained.

Sprinkling Smiles played a major role in making this event a success, with many young volunteers stepping up to run water and food stands over the course of the session. These young torchbearers of the Sprinkling Smiles initiative were able to keep morale strong while braving the wet, rainy weather conditions throughout the event, ensuring that no downpour could stop their contribution to the IDY proceedings. While this year’s edition may have just concluded, Sprinkling Smiles and its members are eagerly waiting to do their part for the landmark 10th IDY in Atlanta next year along with many more events to come.

Sprinkling Smiles volunteers pose after the annual IDY event in Atlanta.